Looking for a highly paid IT job in Australia?

Max Data can help!

Group of successfully employed people

  • Fresh out of Uni?
  • Recent graduate?
  • Finishing an IT degree but no idea where to start?
  • Having difficulties finding a job?
  • Trying to get back in the game after a long leave?
  • Lack of experience is stopping you from getting your dream job?
Unpaid internship with our company will offer you an opportunity to work on the "real world" IT projects, under the guidance and supervision of seasoned professionals.

What we offer

Hands-on education using real challenging projects, boosting your confidence and helping you gain Australian work experience. Local (if you reside in Canberra) or remote education opportunities are offered, but positions are limited, so you better hurry!

What will you gain

  • Experience of working end to end, through the entire development lifecycle, in any of the chosen IT areas – Business Analysis, Software Development, Testing and more
  • Live websites or other functional work - will become a part of your portfolio, you can demonstrate to your future employers
  • The best of the prospects are personally introduced to the best head-hunting agencies in Canberra, Newcastle or Sydney. The genuine references and referees will be available upon a request.
  • Real skills in the hottest areas of IT: Business Intelligence, Web Development, SharePoint etc.
  • Access to Enterprise products, familiarity with which is a mandatory requirement of getting a highly paid IT job
  • Working with us, not only gets you the confidence, we also teach you 'how to sell yourself', how to work on your resume, interview skills etc.

What we don't do

  • We are not offering any Intellectual Property for the work that you complete
  • Any kind of financial remuneration apart from the bonuses awarded solely by discretion of the company
  • Sponsorships or any other visa related matters

What do I need?

Desire to become a great software developer (a BA or a tester); AND

Can-do positive attitude

How to Apply

The positions are limited, so you will have to pass the test, however don't be scared, there will be no books, strict teacher or time limits

Visit our test yourself page that will present your with the list of simple tasks. Complete the tasks to the best of your abilities, and submit them to us together with a a short overview of your skills and descripton of which area of IT internship you are interested.

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