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Max Data is an Australian based IT company specialising in delivery of IT consulting services. Our technical solutions will to assist you with business challenges and help your business prosper.
We offer software solutions for complex business problems/projects, data management and business intelligence products to achieve business transformation with success.
Max Data enforces strong non-discriminatory policies to ensure accessibility of all our products. We believe in a world were information technology is accessible to everyone, no matter what challenges they face, or which device they use.

Our Services

  • IT Consulting and Software Development We offer consulting services and technology expertise to ensure you get the most of innovation strategies, get best value and accelerate your business transformation.
  • Business Intelligence Data management should not be complex or expensive. At Max Data, we are thriving to assist you make sense of your data. Empower your decision makers with the latest technologies BI has to offer.
  • Accessible Web solutions Maximum Data Solutions is an Australian IT consulting firm that offers highly accessible, responsive and affordable IT products and services.
  • Accessibility Testing Organisations with inaccessible online presence 'leave the money on the table', cutting down the share of the market and discriminating potential customers. Max Data offers wide range of testing services from manual to automatic to ensure your web site is and stay accessible to everyone.

Maximum Data Solutions offers elegant, accessible and affordable web solutions since 2009.

Whatever your circumstances are:

  • No previous experience?
  • Deserve a better pay?
  • Trying to get back to workforce?
  • Lack confidence at interviews?
  • Cant stop selling yourself short?

Let's Work Together

Maximum Data Solutions offers a range of programs aiming to assist anyone who wants to find an IT job in competitive Australian IT Market.

We cannot solve a problem for you, but we can help you to find a solution. All we need in exchange is a 'can do' attitude! We believe in you... Do you?

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